Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Post, I Promise!

Hello again, Thanks to everyone who read my first blog! I'm sorry about the multiple notices about the same entry. I'm just learning how to use this program, which is quite simple, but I'm very challenged when it comes to technology so be patient with me, and I don't think that will happen again! I found some additional beautiful Flutter photos, that were to amazing not to show. Yes, I am obsessed with this look. One of my favorite things about Flutter are the amazing chairs. There is never a shortage of lovely, cozy, great condition, vintage and reupholstered vintage furniture, including these, some of my faves...
I always come back to this chair. I love the bold red with silver trim, genius! Not to mention this romantic grey blue brocade with embroidered papillon pillow. So Subtle, this could cozy up almost any room! Many chairs have a lovely shape but just need a makeover like these!
This one kind of reminds me of the new horses We've been boarding for our neighbors. These two are a pair, Mother and daughter, Hanna and Torch.
My what shiny hair you have! Horses make me feel so peaceful, I could stare into their eyes for hours. These ones love carrots and to be brushed and they are so friendly. Maybe this should be my new hair color?
Speaking of horses and, I adore the vintage cowboy boot collection at Flutter. Cowgirl/boy boots never go out of style, especially when they're updated with a frilly frock...
And perhaps a feathery headpiece by local artists?
Or a headpiece for your ceiling! This reminds me of a felted scarf my Mom would wear.
Visiting Flutter is really like walking into a dream. Find items around the house if your not local and have them remade to "Flutterize" them. It will give your life a new romantic flair.
This candy stripe chair looks good enough to eat! Thanks to Flutter for letting me take so many photos!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Hello and Welcome to my new blog!
Thanks so much for taking the time to read and view my blog. My name is Brehan Todd, I am a designer and fashionista in Portland, Oregon. I've recently launched a line of refashioned jewelry and accessories and I decided it was time to start sharing all of my adventures and knowledge with a few friends. For my first blog post, I visited one of my favorite stores in Portland. In fact, it might be my fave store anywhere? It's called Flutter, and it is located on a great block of other cool shops and businesses, Mississippi Ave. This street is the place to shop green, for the home, garden, kitchen, and wardrobe, not to mention the amazing gifts at Flutter! I am so excited to be working with Flutter on a custom line of re-fashioned jewelry and accessories. I find the colors and look of this shop so inspireing, it's easy for me to come up with designs that compliment. The theme is focused on birds (including live finches nesting and snuggling in little baskets), feathers, nature, color, and junk that is combined in a unique, nouveau bohemian style. I have dreamed of having designs in this store, for awhile, with all of the lovelies here. The owner, Cindy Rokoff, has done an amazing job of selecting mainly vintage and handmade fashions and home needs as well as gifts, vintage clothing, fragrances, books, lot's of handmade jewelry and refashioned clothing by local designers like Frocky Jack Morgan and Urchin, as well as many other talented designers. Here are some photos from recent trips, each time is different and you never know what you'll find?...
I would just love to curl up on this tiny bed for a snooze, so summery and cheerful! Cindy impecable taste selecting vintage furniture and it's very reasonably priced.
I have an obsession with chandeliers and their discarded parts. You can find plenty here. Always plenty of furry friends (vintage) and feathers as well as interesting ethnic antiques. Oh boudoir, I dream of my closet looking something like this someday, all feathers and fluff and full of "green clothing". I love the painting on this armoir, probably one my favorite pieces of furniture ever!
Some of the refashioned hats by Brehan Todd at Flutter and Blue Velvet... This makes me chandel-erious with lust. I dream of jade blue chandelier crystals.
One of many feather mascots among a vintage cowboy boot collection.
Circus Couture Feather Necklace by Brehan Todd available at Animal heads and Black Forest style antiques are a bit of a theme here, one of my favorite themes to decorate with.
Vintage stamp collection, why not? Lion in a Cage Necklace by Brehan Todd for Flutter available at, handmade from vintage, recycled and natural materials. Each piece is hand sew in place to the silk fabric fragment, which is left over from projects. The inspiration for this piece was circus couture, obviously and began with the lion brooch. Owner of Flutter, Cindy Rockoff, sitting pretty in a large vintage sofa. More on Flutter, and other adventures coming soon...
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