Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seth Aaron Henderson Fashion Show in Portland

Seth Aaron and Kerry Yu
China Bound III Fundraiser

Portland is now becoming quite the spotlight for Eco, and sustainable fashion.  Last Saturday, I attended a lovely event to raise money and awareness for Portland designers and eco fashion at The Benson Hotel. The event included an awesome fashion show, raffle and silent auction for art and designs that were donated by artists, including Brehan Todd Design.  The organizer of the event, Kerry Yu, of O'pearl Art Jewelry, spoke to the audience about the program, which raises money to send designers from Portland to travel to China and promote, educate and learn about sustainable fashion. Next, Kerry introduced Seth Aaron, winner from  Project Runway, and a  Portland native. His collection was presented after a feature of jewelry and clothing from other Portland designers, including Anne Bocci.   Here is a glance at some of my favorite looks that evening.

One of the highlights of the event, Dawn Bush, of Narcisse had the most amazing  vintage
carved resin, velvet bag, I had a moment when I saw it. 

Seth Aaron

This camera and it's attachments were crazy!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eco Fashion Talk by Sass Brown

One of my most memorable experiences, studying at FIT was of Professor Sass Brown, the only teacher at FIT  that was cool and young, that I landed in class with. She let me use vintage fabric and style in a unique way, and encouraged thinking outside of the walls. Her influence on me during those years is extremely important to me. Sass has been a professor at FIT for years, after working in the fashion industry and always seems to have her hands on the pulse of what's next. I'm thrilled to announce the launch of her new Eco fashion book and website. The website is full of resources for sustainable design. You'll find Eco 1st Art listed in the resource section of  the blog and website that compliments the book, here is the link to the site,

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Something old, Something new....
Bonjour! I've been out enjoying the sunshine and sprinkles and making things like crazy, it's a lot of fun but also a lot of work! This is one of the most beautiful and inspiring times of year. I've always looked at Fall as sort of like, Spring, a time of evolution and making yourself new.

I started my Autumn with the horrifying experience of watching the television show "Hoarders" as a result of my curiosity. This made me immediately want to scrub every inch of the house with a toothbrush, while simultaneously going through everything I owned and purging like mad. then I calmed down and started looking through all of my stuff, piece by piece and evaluating whenever I had a few moments.  I first began by getting rid of all things I own that need to move on, are not salvageable or useless.  I felt great, but then I still had a lot of stuff in my studio and it's been an overwhelming process. So I became more discerning and had a conversation with myself about each item and if I was really using or appreciating it, that added more to the pile. I'll show you when it's done, hopefully soon? Then I went through photos and files on the computer, purged hundreds of photos and realized I had only cleared away a few percentage points of space on the hardrive. After that,  I began looking at my music and it made me want to take a nap. After listening to mostly the same music and generally the same few genres of music, for the last few years, I was getting really bored and began hunting for new songs.

I've always had an independent music personality. I love many different kinds of music, but I have very specific taste. I'm actually a little surprised that I haven't been banished from society by now, for my unconventional music taste. My family looked at me like there was something very wrong with not liking The Beatles. It's not even that I don't respect the huge impact on music and popular culture, it's just not my taste. I find Paul very irritating and I think John Lennon by himself is much more noteworthy. People have almost ended friendships, however over the popular music I don't like. Last week I was (jokingly) called an old, out of touch, hippy for not really "getting" Lady Ga Ga. Not true, I thought, but then I realized, a little bit true?Perhaps? I need to spend some more time looking around for new and exciting things that are inspiring in real life? I watched all of Lady Ga Ga's videos with an open mind and heart.  I still couldn't find any room to justify wasting all of the flesh of those animals, especially to make a completely unrelated "political statement". I'm not sure what cuts they used, but that dress probably cost a pretty penny to make.  Maybe Gaga should support independent designers by using their work, instead of wasting perfectly good food, in a time of recession.

Anyhow, this is one of the songs I found that I like. The video is interesting and it references funny things from New Jersey/Philly area culture, like WaWa. It's mixed with an old Tracy Chapman song from the early 90's. Hopefully, you will like it, and I'm sorry in advance if you do not?