Thursday, August 26, 2010

One of the great masters,  AKA Manolo Blahnik, signs his artwork
Inspiration for today....Red spells Romance!
From Manolo's to Target, everything is coming up roses this season!  It seems as if red is the new black for fall? It's popping up all over town and on the runways, it's taking over!  I love red, so I'm not complaining, I'm inspired!  Go bold this season and show the world your confidence in bold red. Is it just me or has there been an escalation lately in the media of general mass hysteria and fear? Not to mention blatant discrimination, and general intolerance, particularly against gay people, Muslims and anyone else who "we should fear" according to some? There must be an election coming up.  The world and all of it's problems are complicated and always evolving. But perhaps were making it too complicated? Maybe all we need is love? Do we need treat each other kindly and from bonds with other people, and help someone else for a change to make the world change? Probably not, we need to do all of that and  improve the job market, education, healthcare, and on and on for days, in the middle of a recession, to make a little change. In the meanwhile, maybe we can still cheer up a bit with color and good old fashioned romance (at least in our attitudes and wardrobes)?

Of course it started a very long time ago, this whole magic power behind the color red. In the fashion world, red has been a symbolic of many things throughout history.  But the red shoe thing really started with kings, in France, who loved to show off their legs for some reason?  To this day wearing red symbolizes royalty. The tradition continues on with "The King of Red Soles", aka famous artisan and shoe designer Manolo Blahnik,

Red soles on the runway by Manolo Blahnik

King Loius XIV riding his White horse in lots of frou frou red

King Louis XIVof France, one of the first to wear red heels and
show them off, those tights are quite fetching as well, aren't they?

This season we're seeing some baroque revival in several designers collections, including the great, Alexander Mcqueen.

 Alexander Mqueen Fall 2010

One of my favorite portraits of all time.
Portrait of a Lady, Rogier Van Der Weyden

A related style inspired by nature by Anna Sui fall 2010
Brand new, silk "Adoration" dre by Idom, Portland Oregon


Love Is In The Air Beret by Zara Carpenter



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello Everyone,

As summer reaches it's final stages, already, I'm trying to enjoy the amazing weather as much as possible.  I always find so much inspiration in nature.  Recently we went to a secret waterfall, in the forest outside of Portland, one of my favorite places in the world. I love to sit on the rocks and feel the soft water, smell the clean air and just appreciate my life. We went with a couple of our good friends Courtney and Alex and we had a great time. You never know what you'll run into in these thick forests. Alex and Dave found a giant Elk Bone in the water! I always find so much inspiration here. The photos speak for themselves,

Brehan Todd

Alex and Courtney admiring the view

Giant Elk bone

Monday, August 23, 2010

Exclusive line of luxury jewelry    
 by Brehan Todd for Eco1st
Aviary at Dawn Necklace by Brehan Todd-$1500.00
I am so excited to announce the launch of my exclusive line of one of a kind, luxury jewelry! The line is specially designed  for, a brand new online, eco marketplace.  I was invited to participate this Spring by Janeen Swing, a well known interior designer in California, who has worked all over the world. She started the project in order to help provide "green" solutions for decorating and lifestyle for her conscious clients, while helping provide a marketplace for artists to reach the buyers. She told me that Jane Goodall and several celebrities were endorsing the site and the amazing philosophy behind the business.  The site includes artists from around the world and features innovative, sustainable design in art, furniture, lighting, jewelry, apparel, accessories (including shoes) and collectibles.  I'm beyond proud to be one of the first few jewelry designers that has been added to the, still under construction, website. Here is a look at the necklaces I've handmade from vintage and recycled materials inspired by the movement to save the environment in our world. is scheduled to launch, officially in October, but you can check out the few artists featured so far and check back for updates. I'll be adding more new designs before the launch as well, including cuff bracelets and earrings. View the work so far at this link, or click on each photo caption to take you straight to the listing,

Fit For a Queen Choker by Brehan Todd
Stowaway Statement Choker by Brehan Todd $1100.00

Under the Streelight Necklace by Brehan Todd-$1100.00
How High the Moon Necklace by Brehan Todd-$1100.00

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shoes, my love....

I'll go ahead and admit, I have too many pairs of shoes. So many, I'm not sure how many there are exactly?  Under 100?  My brother, my boyfriend and the guys who last helped us move, frown upon my museum of shoes.  I get it, they are heavy, I won't lift them, no one needs that many shoes and they take up a lot of closet real estate. I consider myself frugal, as we all must be in these times, but I do love a nice pair of shoes to dress up and old outfit, preferably something made in Italy that I can wear for at least 8 years.  

Some might say I have what's commonly referred to as a "shoe fetish". I call it more of a deep, passionate, ever lasting, love affair. Someday I hope to have just a fraction of a shoe closet to
 keep my museum all lined up and pretty.  They are too beautiful not to be displayed. 

For now, I've decided to do a blog series on shoes.  What are the best shoes for all occasions, who are the best designers, just an overall homage to shoes?  This will take several posts obviously but let's start with a new evolution in shoe design, the car company Jeep owns J-41, an exciting new brand that I have worn! Then, we'll move on to one of my favorite designers ever, Minna Parikka. 

                           Photo of Christina Aguilera by Douglas Friedman

My love of shoes began at an early age, with ballet slippers.  I started dancing when I was around three.  Of course one of my favorite things about ballet was the part where we wore special shoes and costumes.  My Mom would pack us up and tote us down to Nordstrom to pick out the tiny, pink Capezio slippers. Later, I could hardly wait to graduate to satin pointe shoes.
These days, I've hung up the twinkle toes for some of my favorite designers.  I keep a few pairs of what my friend Terry's Mom used to call "sit down shoes", for special occasions. Mainly my closet is full of two types of shoes, everyday shoes and fancy shoes. I don't look at price, so much as quality.  How long will they last, as far as fashion and wear and there are so many places to find great shoes discount these days?  I consider it a great investment. Will they go with my wardrobe? Are they comfortable?  That is key, I refuse to look ridiculous trotting around in super high heels that I'm limping in by the end of the night.  After all those years of squeezing my toes into point shoes, I'm done torturing myself. It used to be that the word"comfort", when you put next to the word shoes, was a licence to be arrested by the fashion police.  Now there are so many awesome comfort brands, we will take a look at the best later.  First, these beauties, have so many qualities I look for in a shoe.  I think I'm in love...

Recently Jeep, yes the car company, launched a line of shoesies that are insanely comfortable and often cute called J-41.  I found a pair of low, rouched ankle boots on sale this winter and have hardly taken them off since. The sole is even made of recycled tires and they use all kinds of vegan and other modern materials to construct the shoes. They are so comfortable and look nothing like a Jeep.  You can still find them on sale on,

We'll review some other favorite comfort brands, in later blogs. Now, let me introduce
 you to my one of my favorite contemporary designers of all time, here name is Minna Parikka. Her company is based out of Helsinki Finland, like so many cool things these days. Her eye for design is impeccable. She's sold shoes and accessories at Anthropologie and specialty store around the world.  She is truly amazing, here she is wearing one of her own bag designs. 

Minna Parikka

I'm now looking at inspiration and design for Spring 2011 and I find so much whimsy and character in her design. Here are some of my favorites, of all time,

                      A little eccentric, yes but somehow still fabulous?

I love a black and white bag, the details are wonderful
I heart orange this fall!
If I could put a ring on these gloves, I would marry them!

                                     Bisous Bisous!

Minna Parikka Knit Dress
These corset boots remind me of pointe shoes
     Needless to say, I'm completly swept off of my feet by these 
                                           modern marvels. 
          View the whole collection on the official website at,