Thursday, December 08, 2011

Book launch for Artist and author, Ryann Bosetti

Last Sunday night, I wanted to do nothing but hibernate, until I got an invite to a very intriguing event. Brad and some friends piled into the car and drove to SE industrial to a space called Icon for a book signing and performance art piece. The artists name is Ryann Bosetti, she was introducing her new book, Regarding Shape; Acknowledgement of the Haircut as Form, published by Publication Studio. Just the title makes me want to learn about everything this woman has to say. The crowd gathered around in a tiny, fog filled garage to watch something pretty amazing unfold. 

Suddenly, the lights went down and she entered the room. Her tall, willowy but commanding presence took over and everyone's face who didn't know her was like, "Who the f$^@k is that?" Then, poof, the models who were dressed in similar sleek, white outfits began twirling around the center of the room , holding the book on platters. Eventually Ryann began to carve each candy colored wig into a sculpture in no time. It was more like watching someone create ice sculptures with precision and strength than any "haircut" I've ever seen. The colors, the movement, it was all a delicate dance, very dramatic and  haunting, almost disturbing. Def one of the best art performances I've seen in awhile, so inspiring. Bravo! 

Ryann Bosetti-Hairstylist and Author

*All photos taken by Brehan Todd for Brehan Todd Design

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