Monday, June 20, 2011

The Handsome Furs New Album and Tour!

    Sometimes when I tell people I don't own a television and haven't for years, they think nothing of it. Others just look at me like I'm completely insane, baffled, like "what do you do then"? I love it when they actually say that. You don't play video games? No. You haven't seen Glee? No.  I only watch select television for market research, to laugh or occasionally for style or if someone suggests it as important. I work a lot. When I'm not working I like to be with friends or out in the world doing things. "Sure, but you have some leisure time, what do you do around the house"? A lot of different kinds of things, but lately I'm really into studying music and thinking.That involves, listening, watching and slightly obsessing. Then, hopefully, if anyone is listening, sharing it? It's impossible to keep up with everything that is cool these days because we are in the beginning of a creative revolution. So many awesome bands and art are taking over the internet, social media and the world. It's so much easier to share art with a wide audience, and be selective about what you post or share, it's so exciting! It's pretty much one of my favorite parts of life.

   I only have my opinion  and experience when it comes to music and art.  I don't play any instruments. I sing, alright if you have the proper editing tools.  I can't read music. I can't even isolate the sound of a base vs. some other instrument in many songs, unless I focus on just that. I tried to play the flute when I was in fifth grade. I sort of read the music to the most simple songs, but mostly I just remembered what each position felt like to my hands and memorized the order so I could look ahead and avoid making sense of all that rubbish. When it comes to most things, including music. I either like it or don't, some things I like a lot, some music makes me physically ill. I think it's important to ourselves to a lot of different forms and types of art and inspiration and explore our reactions. My nature has always been to spend lots of time by myself, listening to music while I work or do whatever. I get especially excited about Spring and Summer time because so many bands are on tour and you can see some awesome shows in and around PDX.

     One of my favorite bands, The Handsome Furs, recently came out with a new album, Sound Kapital, the third to be released on Subpop for this amazing collaboration. So far, I still can't decide which of the three is my favorite? They are all amazing. You can just tell how connected and real they are as individuals. Together, they are kind of genius.  Here is a cool video of them performing in China a couple of years ago. I do fancy those statement earrings Alexis is wearing. They are like part of the song.  She always wears cool big jewelry that moves around while she performs, it's hot. I can't wait to see them live again this summer! They don't have any shows scheduled for Portland, but hopefully that will change. If not, there is always Seattle in July at the Capitol Hill Block Party!

Handsome Furs live in Shanghai 2 from taiande on Vimeo.
The Handsome Furs
Live at Yuyintang, Shanghai

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